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Burns are the result of tissue damage caused by heat, radiation, sunlight, electrical contact, or chemical exposure. Depending on their extent, burns could be minor or life-threatening, and they are relatively common injuries. The worst of burns often result in years of painful, expensive surgeries, and rehabilitation.

If the negligence of another party caused you to suffer burns, you may be eligible for monetary compensation. Everyone has an obligation to ensure the safety of others to some degree, and when people do not, they could be held liable in a civil court. Even if the person responsible for your injuries does not face criminal charges, you may still be able to sue him or her for compensation.

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How Are Burns Classified?

Burns are commonly divided into three degrees, with first-degree burns being the mildest and third-degree burns being the most severe. First-degree burns impact only the epidermis and typically only cause pain and redness. Second-degree burns impact both the second layer of the skin and the epidermis and cause blistering, severe pain, and scarring. Third-degree burns reach the bone and fat layers below the skin. These burn areas may be white, black or brown, and since third-degree burns destroy nerves, patients are often unable to feel their injuries.

Burns could also cause disfigurement. Such burns could prevent a person from living a normal day-to-day life and serious psychological damage.

The Cost of Burn Injuries

The treatment a patient receives depends on the extent of his or her burns. However, treatments are expensive, even with health insurance. For simple burns, a medical professional may recommend various burn creams, ointments, shots, or drugs that prevent infection. Physicians may also prescribe pain or anti-anxiety medications to those in constant pain.

Unfortunately, some patients may need more extensive and expensive treatments. Such treatments could be costly and still require rehabilitation expenditures afterword. Such treatments might include:

  • Breathing assistance
  • Skin grafts
  • Plastic surgery to remove scars and prevent disfigurement
  • Reducing blood flow around the burned area
  • Feeding tubes to ensure a patient remains healthy and nourished

After a fire, patients may also suffer from mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and extreme phobias. Treatment for such disorders are costly, and multiple sessions per month are often needed to adequately treat a patient. Fortunately, with the help of an East Ridge burn injury lawyer, patients may be able to obtain the compensation they need to cover their medical and living expenses.

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Returning to life after a serious injury is understandably difficult, but especially so when the injury is catastrophic in nature.

If the negligence or recklessness of another person or company caused you to sustain a burn injury, you should not give up. It may still be possible to obtain compensation for your pain and suffering as well as your medical bills and living expenses.

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