Receiving a Chattanooga Nursing Home Abuse Settlement

Receiving a Chattanooga nursing home abuse settlement has the potential to relieve you from the pain you suffered at the hands of abusive staff. Despite the likelihood of a expedited civil claim through settlement negotiations, receiving compensation could still take time. However, with the help of an experienced attorney familiar with nursing home abuse cases, you could be more prepared and ready to present the evidence required of you in these negotiations. Doing so could help expedite the process as a whole and grant you the compensation you seek.

The Time It Could Take for Victims to Receive a Settlement

Normally, a nursing home settlement is paid out within a matter of weeks, less than a month, but there have been cases that took up to two months for settlements to reach victims. Once the settlement check is received from the defendant, certain other issues have to be resolved. Medicare liens, health insurance liens, or other medical provider liens must be addressed. Often, a nursing home abuse attorney in Chattanooga could resolve or decrease the amount that has to be paid back, but all of these actions take time, and that may delay when victims might obtain their portion of the settlement.

Expediting the Settlement Process with the Help of a Chattanooga Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Nursing home abuse lawyers in Chattanooga could attempt to expedite the process by keeping all of their records up to date and staying in contact with all of the people who have an interest in the outcome of the case. Interested parties might include medical providers, health insurance companies, and government insurers such as Medicare. If attorneys find inappropriate charges being claimed by those lien holders, they could try to resolve them ahead of time and stay on top of all of the paperwork and all of the numbers involved. Doing so could facilitate a quicker distribution of settlement proceeds to all parties involved.

Issues of Delay for Settlements

Normally, settlement negotiations do not take any arduous amounts of time. What happens after the settlement often takes much longer than the settlement negotiation itself. But, if there is a disagreement on some of the issues of the case, that has the potential to delay the negotiations and could require lawyers to go back and consult with experts and review materials, delaying the negotiation process substantially.

Issues that Impact Settlement Negotiations

Issues that have an impact on the length of a settlement negotiation include whether a client is still receiving treatment, to what degree the attorneys are able to focus on the case, and if all attorneys are as communicative as they need to be. Additionally, and in some specific situations, there could be unforeseen problems of medications or facts that are not known to either victims or their attorneys at the time. Collecting all information about a case is standard, but if there are shortcomings of documents, this could also impact negotiations.

Steps to Avoid Prolonged Negotiations

Victims or people representing victims could help streamline the process by staying in contact with the attorney, being easy for the attorney to reach, continually communicating to the attorney that the case is important to them, and be responsive to the attorney’s requests for information. For example, if an attorney needs tax returns or old employer information about the patient, or needs identities of doctors, medicines, or other providers, people should be able to supply them in a timely manner.

Connect with an Attorney Today

When addressing the abuse either you or a loved one has suffered at the hands of negligent staff members of a nursing home, litigation could be the last thing you would want to endure. Trials could take precious time from you. Fortunately, settlements are a means by which you could receive compensation while avoiding the drawn out courtroom process. However, there still exists the possibility that settlement negotiations may not go as swiftly as you may desire. Thankfully, with the help of an attorney, negotiations could be expedited and receiving a Chattanooga nursing home abuse settlement could be made quicker. Reach out to an attorney today to see how one could help your case.