Chattanooga Major Roads Accident Lawyer

Chattanooga car wrecks are extremely common on Interstate 24 and Interstate 75. Both interstates have congested traffic daily. With a lot of people driving over the speed limit on these interstates, there are a lot of rear-end collisions. Chattanooga major roads accident lawyers also see a lot of sideswipe collisions where people are merging into the same lane or one car is merging into another car. There are also a lot of truck accidents on these highways, especially trucks running into the backs of cars, merging into the side of cars, and causing severe damages on these high-speed interstates. If you have experienced a vehicle collision on a major highway, call a qualified car accident attorney to begin building a case for possible damages.

Difference to Other Vehicle Collisions

Car wrecks on the interstates often occur at much higher speeds than on city streets. Because of the higher speeds, there is often drastically increased damage to the vehicles and a much higher risk of severe injury and death on the interstates. When collisions occur at high speeds, the danger is much greater. Chattanooga major roads accident lawyers have also seen multi-vehicle crashes in interstates. Many times, a crash on an interstate will involve five or six vehicles rather than just two.

Recommended First Steps Following an Accident

The first step a person should take after a collision on the interstate is to try and get out of harm’s way. Oftentimes after a collision on the interstate, other traffic will continue to drive by and sometimes very close to the cars that are in the collision. Sometimes other cars come up a matter of seconds after the collision and crash into the cars again. The danger of a secondary collision or a person being hit as a pedestrian after they get out of the car on an interstate is much higher.

The first thing a person should do after a collision on an interstate is to look for the safest location to get away from the other traffic on the interstate. The second thing a person should do is contact the authorities. Get the authorities there as quickly as possible and get some kind of traffic control in place, as well.

It may be critical to record the damage to the vehicles and where the vehicles are in relation to each other. The person should take photos if they can. If the person is having any trouble at all, the person should seek medical attention immediately. The individual should contact a Chattanooga major roads accident lawyer so that they can start investigating the case and deal with the insurance companies right away.

Role of Speed of Traffic on Highways

The speed of traffic increases the danger for a person immediately following an accident. When a person is in a collision at a traffic signal on a city street, it is frequently safe to get out of the car and check on the other person. In contrast, when the person is on the interstate, if the person gets out of their car to check on the other person, the person may get hit by cars passing at an extremely fast speed. A person has to take much greater caution with passing traffic when they are on the interstate after a collision.

Chattanooga Major Roads Accident Lawyer