Evidence Used in Bradley County Spinal Cord Injury Cases

When you reach out to an attorney to start a claim against a negligent party that caused you serious harm, you also take the first steps toward recovery. Attorneys familiar with spinal cord injury cases in Bradley County are likely equally familiar with the evidence used in these types of cases.

Instead of addressing your medical expenses on your own, exercise your legal right to have the party responsible for your harm compensate you accordingly.

Preparing for a Case

A catastrophic injury lawyer prepares for a spinal cord injury case by understanding exactly what the injury to the spinal cord is, and exactly what effects those injuries have on the victim. Attorneys need to understand all of the limitations that the victim of someone else’s negligence experiences, all the loss of feeling, loss of use, loss of strength, effects of the injury, and be able to explain how the event damaged the spinal cord in exactly this way.

What Qualifies as Evidence?

Evidence in a spinal cord injury case comes in a lot of different forms. Often, evidence comes in the form of testimony from the injured person and witnesses. It also could come in the form of medical records and testimony from doctors and other medical providers.

Evidence could come from expert witnesses who could attest to the spinal cord injuries, the loss of income, and the loss of ability to what jobs a person is no longer capable of performing. Testimonial evidence also could be in the form of day in the life videos or other things like that that give a detailed picture of how a person’s life works after an injury. While there are many forms of evidence that could be used in a Bradley County spinal cord injury case, it is ultimately up to the attorney and victim to determine how to use this evidence.

How Attorneys Verify Cases

An experienced spinal cord injury lawyer in Bradley County goes about collecting and presenting this evidence by familiarizing himself or herself on every part of the case. Attorneys have to understand everything that led to the accident and injury itself, exactly how the accident caused the injury, and exactly what happened in the victim’s body.

To verify a case, an attorney has to be familiar with medical standards, practices, and even the medicines used to treat certain injuries. They need to understand all of these facets to properly present a case during negotiations or trial and with the hopes of obtaining the right amount of compensation for a victim.

Establishing Liability

Establishing liability in a Bradley County spinal cord injury case usually has two big areas of focus. Number one, the defendant did something wrong and caused some type of injury. For example, the defendant did not keep the floor clean, and it led to a person falling down the steps, or the defendant did not pay attention to the road and ran into the person in the car. Attorneys use witness testimony and forensic evidence collected to establish what happened.

The second big area of focus is causation. Attorneys have to illustrate that the alleged accident caused the victim’s injury. Next, attorneys not only have to establish that the accident was caused by the alleged wrongdoer, but the accident led to real losses sustained by the victim.

Do Victims Play a Role in Gathering or Presenting Evidence?

A victim who brings a claim does not play much of a role in gathering or presenting evidence for a Bradley County spinal cord injury case. Lawyers try to insulate claim holders from all the responsibilities of gathering evidence, except for asking them to keep track of their personal experience. The victim’s role is telling the story of what happened to him or her and what his or her experience as an injured person is like. A lawyer wants injured people to be able to testify about what happened and how it affects their lives today.

Other than that, when it comes to medical records, medical bills, expert witnesses, lost income, and things of that nature, the lawyer could gather all that evidence for victims and try to try to make their burden as small as possible.

Connect with an Attorney Today

The evidence used in Bradley County spinal cord injury cases does not start and stop with the injuries sustained and the statements of people who witnessed the accident. Often, attorneys rely on the testimony of experts who could place a number value to the losses victims have endured.

If you are interested in recovering compensation for your losses, reach out to a dedicated legal professional today. One of our attorneys could help you recover the compensation you desperately need.

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